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 Publications dans des revues internationales à comité de lecture

Buch A., Sternberg R., Szopa C., Freissinet C., Garnier C., Bekri E.J., Rodier C., Navarro-Gonzalez R., Raulin F., Cabane M, Stamboulli A., Glavin D.P. and P.R. Mahaffy
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GC-MS analysis of amino acid enantiomers as their N(O,S)-perfluoroacyl perfluoroalkyl esters : detection of chemical biomarkers in space analysis.
Chirality 18 (4), 279-295, 2006.

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Search for oragnics in extraterrestrial environments by in situ gas chromatography analysis.
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Advances in Space Research. 27 (2), 195-200, 2001.

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An ESA study the search for life on Mars.
Planetary in Space Science 48 (2-3), 181-202, 2000.

Autres publications

Raulin F.

Question Searching for an Exo-Life in the Solar System.
Origins of Life and Evolution of the Biosphere 40 (2), 191-193, 2010.

Becker L., Cornish T., Antione M., Cotter R., Evans-Nugyen T., Doroshenko V., Goesmann F., Raulin F. and Ehrenfreund P. MOMA-LDMS: Instrument concept and results.
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